Farmers' Body Moves High Court Against Rajasthan Government's Decision To Exclude State's Two Key Crops From MSP Ambit

Farmers Move Rajasthan High Court Over Exclusion Of 2 Key Crops From MSP List

The state government has withdrawn cotton and millet from the MSP list despite the two crops still figuring on the centre's list for the purpose, petitioner counsel told the court.

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"As per an estimate, total millet production of Rajasthan is estimated to be from 45 to 50 lakh metric ton per annum which accounted for 41 per cent of the total millet production of the country," he said.

He said the MSP of both these crops has been fixed at Rs 2,150 and Rs 5,825 per quintal respectively and according to the reports, in absence of their purchase on MSP, farmers are compelled to sell them in the open market at Rs 1,300 and Rs 4,000 per quintal respectively.

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